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1931 – Company Hans Kormann founded by Ob. Ing. Hans Kormann on July 1 in Kassel.

1945 – Relocation of the company after World War II toNiedervellmar.

1952 – The company Hans Kormann takes over representationand client service of Max Egon Becker car radio factory for Nordhessen and Südniedersachsen on August 1.

1963 -Business acquired by the wholesale and foreign trade merchant Werner Schaetzky, renamed Hans Kormann, owner Werner Schaetzky on January 1, as well as relocation of its headquarters to HolländischeStraße in Kassel.During the year, termination of the distribution of brown and white goods and simultaneously specialization in car radios and antennas.

The company Hans Kormann takes over representation for the company Podding Car Antennas Berlin and is a wholesaler for HirschmannCar Antennas.

1989 – Business relocation to Warburger Street 47 in Vellmar/Niedervellmar on October 1.

1997 – The company Hans Kormann becomes the authorized selective and reference distributor of Harmann-Becker Automotive Systems as a result of reorganization of the company Becker.
Following the introduction of navigation in vehicles, GPS and telematics, the business branch extended to the distribution of these future-oriented technologies.

2007 – Business takeover by the merchant in wholesale and foreign tradeStefan Schaetzky, renamed Hans Kormann, owner Stefan Schaetzky e. K.on February 6.

2008 – Increased activity in product shipping abroad. Hirschmann Car Communication contracts with the company Hans Kormann as distributor and staging post wholesaler.

2015 – Take over replacement parts sales for the company Hirschmann Car Communication.